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R. Aidan Campbell

code monkey. ZFS advocate. Secret Barista

Projects In Progress

World Light Map

My personal make of a light map project seen here and here. It uses an ATMega 168 to PWM 12 LED strips, to render the solar terminator as a non-binary but vertical line.

Completed Projects


Resolves CWRU's entire IP block, and parses out the MAC addresses from the default hostnames. This was an interesting project where I actually began to play with multithreading. Unfortunately, I later found out that multithreading provided little performance increase, as the DNS server was rate-limiting my queries.


Character-based recurrent neural networks wrapped into an IRC chatbot. This project is mostly a frontend for all the neural networks I've been playing with: it's easy to swap out the chatbot's network, and interface with a new one.

TV-B-Gone Rework

A complete rework of LadyAda's TV-B-Gone, designed to be smaller, brighter, and have a longer battery life. This was my first foray into low-level electronics, and I learned how to play with Atmel's ATTiny85-series microcontroller. A three-part writeup can be seen here, here, and here